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The name’s origin of Us Nestori Boats & Yachts, it comes from the Nestor’s cup an archaeological find found in Lacco Ameno on the island of Ischia. The cup has engraved on one side the following verses that allude to the famous cup described in Homer’s Iliad:

“I am the beautiful cup of Nestor, whoever drinks from this cup will immediately take the desire of Aphrodite of the beautiful crown”

The founder Joe Puzella, eldest son of a family that has been present in the yachting world for three generations, grew up between Monte Carlo and Ischia and it is precisely in the green island that he developed his passion for the world of tourist entertainment through experience gained in tourist assistance activities.

After graduating from the Nautical Institute of Ischia, Joe began his career in the Merchant Navy as a Navigation Officer. His numerous travels allowed him to sail the waters ranging from the Caribbean to the fjords of Alaska, from the Hawaiian Islands to Australia, from the Mediterranean to West Africa and South America.

The contact with the different cultures in his travels and the sudden loss of one of the most important person in his life, the grandma, inspired Joe to return back to the origins to follow his mission: “offer wellness experiences for our customers, doing it through a boat and the sea”.

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Our Mission in the business

“Offer wellness experiences for our customers doing it through a boat and the sea”.

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