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We would like to ensure that our customers rediscover the richness of time, what we believe to be the most important resource in life.

“Our mission is to offer wellness experiences with a boat on the sea of Ischia”.

The perfume of the sea, the relaxing sound of the water, the breath-taking scenery of the coast overlooking the sea combined with the attentive service of the crew on an elegant and performing boat with the people we care about most.

Nestori – Ischia Rental Boats & Yachts

“It’s not only the sights; it’s also the sounds that make a boat experience so appealing. “I believe that the sounds of the crashing waves or lapping water help us regulate our internal rhythm,” says Scott-Hudson. “Listening to the repetitive sounds of the waves is soothing to our maxed-out nervous systems. The tranquility brings us back to a predictable peace, and we can regulate our breathing in harmony with the waves.”

Nestori Boats & Yachts Ischia is the slowing down moment of your journey, where you can calm down the mind, the body and soul, soaking in a suggestive bay, focusing on a breathtaking vista and filling your senses with nature’s offering.

Our goal at Nestori Boats & Yachts Ischia is to create your best boat tour.

We collaborate for the Hotel experiences with San Montano Resort & SPA

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